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ŚB 10.54.25


यत्र यासि स्वसारं मे मुषित्वा ध्वाङ्‍क्षवद्धवि: ।
हरिष्येऽद्य मदं मन्द मायिन: कूटयोधिन: ॥ २५ ॥


yatra yāsi svasāraṁ me
muṣitvā dhvāṅkṣa-vad dhaviḥ
hariṣye ’dya madaṁ manda
māyinaḥ kūṭa-yodhinaḥ


yatra — wherever; yāsi — You go; svasāram — sister; me — my; muṣitvā — having stolen; dhvāṅkṣa-vat — like a crow; haviḥ — the sacrificial butter; hariṣye — I will remove; adya — today; madam — Your false pride; manda — You fool; māyinaḥ — of the deceiver; kūṭa — cheating; yodhinaḥ — of the fighter.


“Wherever You go, carrying off my sister like a crow stealing sacrificial butter, I will follow. This very day I shall relieve You of Your false pride, You fool, You deceiver, You cheater in battle!


In his hysterical attack, Rukmī displays the very qualities he attributes to Śrī Kṛṣṇa. Every living being is part and parcel of the Lord and belongs to the Lord. Therefore Rukmī was like a crow trying to steal the sacrificial offering meant for the enjoyment of the Lord.