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ŚB 10.23.47


हित्वान्यान् भजते यं श्री: पादस्पर्शाशयासकृत् ।
स्वात्मदोषापवर्गेण तद्याच्ञा जनमोहिनी ॥ ४७ ॥


hitvānyān bhajate yaṁ śrīḥ
tad-yācñā jana-mohinī


hitvā — giving up; anyān — others; bhajate — worships; yam — which Lord; śrīḥ — the goddess of fortune; pāda-sparśa — for the touch of His lotus feet; āśayā — with the desire; asakṛt — constantly; sva-ātma — of herself; doṣa — the faults (of fickleness and pride); apavargeṇa — putting aside; tat — His; yācñā — begging; jana — ordinary humans; mohinī — bewildering.


Hoping for the touch of His lotus feet, the goddess of fortune perpetually worships Him alone, leaving aside all others and renouncing her pride and fickleness. That He begs is certainly astonishing to everyone.


The supreme master of the goddess of fortune herself obviously does not have to beg for food, as pointed out here by the brāhmaṇas, who are finally manifesting real spiritual intelligence.