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ŚB 10.20.40


निश्चलाम्बुरभूत्तूष्णीं समुद्र: शरदागमे ।
आत्मन्युपरते सम्यङ्‍मुनिर्व्युपरतागम: ॥ ४० ॥


niścalāmbur abhūt tūṣṇīṁ
samudraḥ śarad-āgame
ātmany uparate samyaṅ
munir vyuparatāgamaḥ


niścala — motionless; ambuḥ — its water; abhūt — became; tūṣnīm — quiet; samudraḥ — the ocean; śarat — of the fall season; āgame — with the coming; ātmani — when the self; uparate — has desisted from material activities; samyak — completely; muniḥ — a sage; vyuparata — giving up; āgamaḥ — recitation of the Vedic mantras.


With the arrival of autumn, the ocean and the lakes became silent, their water still, just like a sage who has desisted from all material activities and given up his recitation of Vedic mantras.


One recites ordinary Vedic mantras for material promotion, mystic power and impersonal salvation. But when a sage is completely free of personal desire, he vibrates the transcendental glories of the Supreme Lord exclusively.