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ŚB 10.20.11


हरिता हरिभि: शष्पैरिन्द्रगोपैश्च लोहिता ।
उच्छिलीन्ध्रकृतच्छाया नृणां श्रीरिव भूरभूत् ॥ ११ ॥


haritā haribhiḥ śaṣpair
indragopaiś ca lohitā
nṛṇāṁ śrīr iva bhūr abhūt


haritāḥ — greenish; haribhiḥ — which is green; śaṣpaiḥ — because of the newly grown grass; indragopaiḥ — because of the indragopa insects; ca — and; lohitā — reddish; ucchilīndhra — by the mushrooms; kṛta — afforded; chāyā — shelter; nṛṇām — of men; śrīḥ — the opulence; iva — just as; bhūḥ — the earth; abhūt — became.


The newly grown grass made the earth emerald green, the indragopa insects added a reddish hue, and white mushrooms added further color and circles of shade. Thus the earth appeared like a person who has suddenly become rich.


Śrīla Śrīdhara Svāmī comments that the word nṛṇām indicates men of the royal order. Thus the colorful display of dark green fields decorated with bright red insects and white mushroom umbrellas can be compared to a royal parade displaying the military strength of a king.