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CC Madhya 9.223


malaya-parvate kaila agastya-vandana
kanyā-kumārī tāhāṅ kaila daraśana


malaya-parvate — in the Malaya Hills; kaila — did; agastya-vandana — obeisances to Agastya Muni; kanyā-kumārī — Kanyā-kumārī; tāhāṅ — there; kaila daraśana — visited.


Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu then went to Malaya-parvata and offered prayers to Agastya Muni. He then visited Kanyā-kumārī [Cape Comorin].


The range of mountains in South India beginning at Kerala and extending to Cape Comorin is called Malaya-parvata. Concerning Agastya, there are four opinions: (1) There is a temple of Agastya Muni in the village of Agastyampallī, in the district of Tanjore. (2) There is a temple of Lord Skanda on a hill known as Śiva-giri, and this temple is said to have been established by Agastya Muni. (3) Some say that the hill near Cape Comorin known as Paṭhiyā served as Agastya Muni’s residence. (4) There is a place known as Agastya-malaya, which is a range of hills on both sides of the Tāmraparṇī River. Cape Comorin itself is also known as Kanyā-kumārī.