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CC Madhya 4.144


premāveśe uṭhe, paḍe, hāse, nāce, gāya
jagannātha-daraśane mahā-sukha pāya


prema-āveśe — in loving ecstasy; uṭhe — sometimes stands; paḍe — sometimes falls; hāse — laughs; nāce — dances; gāya — sings; jagannātha daraśane — by seeing Lord Jagannātha in the temple; mahā-sukha — transcendental happiness; pāya — he felt.


When Mādhavendra Purī was overwhelmed in the ecstasy of love of Godhead, he sometimes stood up and sometimes fell to the ground. Sometimes he laughed, danced and sang. In this way he enjoyed transcendental bliss by seeing the Jagannātha Deity.