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CC Madhya 25.105


jñānaṁ parama-guhyaṁ me
yad vijñāna-samanvitam
sa-rahasyaṁ tad-aṅgaṁ ca
gṛhāṇa gaditaṁ mayā


jñānam — knowledge; parama — extremely; guhyam — confidential; me — of Me; yat — which; vijñāna — realization; samanvitam — fully endowed with; sa-rahasyam — with mystery; tat — of that; aṅgam — supplementary parts; ca — and; gṛhāṇa — just try to take up; gaditam — explained; mayā — by Me.


“ ‘Please hear attentively what I shall speak to you, for transcendental knowledge about Me is not only scientific but full of mysteries.


This is a quotation from Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam (2.9.31). For an explanation see Ādi-līlā, chapter one, text 51.