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CC Madhya 24.67


cānvācaye samāhāre
’nyonyārthe ca samuccaye
yatnāntare tathā pāda-
pūraṇe ’py avadhāraṇe


ca — this word ca; anvācaye — in connecting one with another; samāhāre — in the sense of aggregation; anyonya-arthe — to help one another in the imports; ca — the word ca; samuccaye — in aggregate understanding; yatna-antare — in another effort; tathā — as well as; pāda-pūraṇe — in completing the verse; api — also; avadhāraṇe — in the sense of certainty.


“ ‘The word “ca” [“and”] is used to connect a word or sentence with a previous word or sentence, to give the sense of aggregation, to assist the meaning, to give a collective understanding, to suggest another effort or exertion, or to fulfill the meter of a verse. It is also used in the sense of certainty.’


This is a quotation from the Viśva-prakāśa dictionary.