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CC Madhya 24.301


‘ātmārāmāś ca’ samuccaye kahiye ca-kāra
‘munayaś ca’ bhakti kare, — ei artha tāra


ātmārāmāḥ ca — similarly the word ātmārāmāḥ with the word ca added; samuccaye — in aggregation; kahiye — means; ca-kāra — the word ca; munayaḥ ca — the word munayaḥ with the word ca added; bhakti kare — all of them engage in devotional service; ei artha tāra — this is the perfect meaning of the verse.


“After uttering the word ‘ātmārāmāḥ’ fifty-eight times and taking ‘ca’ in a sense of aggregation, one may add the word ‘munayaḥ.’ That will mean that great sages also render devotional service to Lord Kṛṣṇa. In this way there are fifty-nine meanings.