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CC Madhya 24.292


rāga-mārge aiche bhakte ṣoḍaśa vibheda
dui mārge ātmārāmera batriśa vibheda


rāga-mārge — on the path of spontaneous loving service; aiche — in the same way; bhakte — all the devotees; ṣoḍaśa vibheda — divided into sixteen varieties; dui mārge — on the two paths, namely regulative devotional service and spontaneous devotional service; ātmārāmera — of persons enjoying with the Supreme Self; batriśa vibheda — there are thirty-two varieties of devotees.


“On the path of spontaneous devotional service, there are also sixteen categories of devotees. Thus there are thirty-two types of ātmārāmas enjoying the Supreme Lord on these two paths.