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CC Madhya 18.196


‘karma’, ‘jñāna’, ‘yoga’ āge kariyā sthāpana
saba khaṇḍi’ sthāpe ‘īśvara’, ‘tāṅhāra sevana’


karma — fruitive activities; jñāna — speculative knowledge; yoga — mystic power; āge — in the beginning; kariyā sthāpana — establishing; saba khaṇḍi’ — refuting everything; sthāpe — establishes; īśvara — the Personality of Godhead; tāṅhāra sevana — His service.


“In the Koran there are descriptions of fruitive activity, speculative knowledge, mystic power and union with the Supreme, but ultimately all this is refuted and the Lord’s personal feature established, along with His devotional service.