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CC Madhya 17.154


pathe yāhāṅ yāhāṅ haya yamunā-darśana
tāhāṅ jhāṅpa diyā paḍe preme acetana


pathe — on the road; yāhāṅ yāhāṅ — wherever; haya — there is; yamunā-darśana — meeting with the Yamunā River; tāhāṅ — there; jhāṅpa diyā paḍe — jumps over and falls down; preme acetana — unconscious in the ecstasy of love.


While the Lord was going to Mathurā, He came across the river Yamunā several times, and as soon as He saw the river Yamunā, He would immediately jump in, falling unconscious in the water in the ecstasy of love of Kṛṣṇa.