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CC Madhya 16.159


pichaladā paryanta saba tāṅra adhikāra
tāṅra bhaye nadī keha haite nāre pāra


pichaladā — the place named Pichaladā; paryanta — up to; saba — everything; tāṅra — of him; adhikāra — under the authority; tāṅra bhaye — because of fear of him; nadī — the river; keha — anyone; haite — to cross; nāre — not able; pāra — to the other side.


The jurisdiction of the Muslim government extended up to Pichaladā. Due to fear of the Muslims, no one would cross the river.


During the old days, Pichaladā was part of Tamluk and Bengal. Pichaladā is located about fourteen miles south of Tamluk. The river Rūpa-nārāyaṇa is well known in Tamluk, and Pichaladā was situated on the bank of the Rūpa-nārāyaṇa River.