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CC Madhya 15.265


patiṁ ca patitaṁ tyajet


patim — husband; ca — and; patitam — fallen; tyajet — one should give up.


“ ‘When a husband is fallen, one’s relationship with him must be given up.’ ”


This is a quotation from the smṛti-śāstra. As stated in Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam (7.11.28):

santuṣṭālolupā dakṣādharma-jñā priya-satya-vāk
apramattā śuciḥ snigdhā
patiṁ tv apatitaṁ bhajet

“A wife who is satisfied, who is not greedy, who is expert and knows religious principles, who speaks what is dear and truthful and is not bewildered, and who is always clean and affectionate should be very much devoted to her husband if he is not fallen.”