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CC Madhya 15.172


eka uḍumbara vṛkṣe lāge koṭi-phale
koṭi ye brahmāṇḍa bhāse virajāra jale


eka uḍumbara vṛkṣe — in one uḍumbara tree; lāge — there are; koṭi-phale — millions of fruits; koṭi — millions; ye — which; brahmāṇḍa — of universes; bhāse — float; virajāra — of the Virajā River; jale — in the water.


“Just as there are millions of fruits on the uḍumbara tree, millions of universes float on the waters of the river Virajā.


Virajā is a river that divides the material world from the spiritual world. On one side of the river Virajā is the effulgence of Brahmaloka and innumerable Vaikuṇṭha planets, and on the other side is this material world. It is to be understood that this side of the Virajā River is filled with material planets floating in the Causal Ocean. The name Virajā indicates a marginal position between the spiritual and material worlds, but the Virajā River is not under the control of the material energy. Consequently it is devoid of the three guṇas.