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CC Madhya 14.253


prati vatsara guṇḍicāte bhakta-gaṇa-saṅge
paṭṭa-ḍorī lañā āise ati baḍa raṅge


prati vatsara — every year; guṇḍicāte — to the Guṇḍicā temple cleansing ceremony; bhakta-gaṇa-saṅge — with the other devotees; paṭṭa-ḍorī — silken ropes; lañā — taking; āise — came; ati — extremely; baḍa — great; raṅge — with pleasure.


Every year thereafter, when the Guṇḍicā temple was being cleansed, Satyarāja and Rāmānanda Vasu would come with the other devotees and with great pleasure bring silken rope.