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CC Madhya 14.133


bāndhiyā āniyā pāḍe lakṣmīra caraṇe
core yena daṇḍa kari’ laya nānā-dhane


bāndhiyā — after binding; āniyā — bringing; pāḍe — make them fall down; lakṣmīra caraṇe — at the lotus feet of the goddess of fortune; core — a thief; yena — as if; daṇḍa kari’ — after punishing; laya — take away; nānā-dhane — all kinds of riches.


The maidservants bound the servants of Jagannātha, handcuffed them and made them fall down at the lotus feet of the goddess of fortune. Indeed, they were arrested just like thieves who have all their riches taken away.


When Lord Jagannātha starts His car festival, He gives assurance to the goddess of fortune that He will return the next day. When He does not return, the goddess of fortune, after waiting two or three days, begins to feel that her husband has neglected her. She naturally becomes quite angry. Gorgeously decorating herself and her associates, she comes out of the temple and stands before the main gate. All the principal servants of Lord Jagannātha are then arrested by her maidservants, brought before her and forced to fall down at her lotus feet.