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CC Madhya 13.10


kaṭi-taṭe baddha, dṛḍha sthūla paṭṭa-ḍorī
dui dike dayitā-gaṇa uṭhāya tāhā dhari’


kaṭi-taṭe — on the waist; baddha — bound; dṛḍha — strong; sthūla — thick; paṭṭa-ḍorī — rope made of silk; dui dike — from two sides; dayitā-gaṇa — the dayitās; uṭhāya — raise; tāhā — that rope; dhari’ — catching.


The Lord Jagannātha Deity was bound at the waist by a strong, thick rope made of silk. From two sides the dayitās caught hold of this rope and raised the Deity.