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CC Madhya 10.46


prahararāja mahāpātra iṅha mahā-mati
paramānanda mahāpātra iṅhāra saṁhati


prahararāja — Prahararāja; mahāpātra — Mahāpātra; iṅha — this; mahā-mati — very intelligent; paramānanda mahāpātra — Paramānanda Mahāpātra; iṅhāra — of him; saṁhati — combination.


“This is Paramānanda Prahararāja, who is also known as Mahāpātra. He is very, very intelligent.


Prahararāja is a designation given to brāhmaṇas who represent the king when the throne is vacant. In Orissa, between the time of a king’s death and the enthronement of another king, a representative must sit on the throne. This representative is called Prahararāja. The Prahararāja is generally selected from a family of priests close to the king. During the time of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu, the Prahararāja was Paramānanda Prahararāja.