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CC Antya 9.138


rāma-rāye, vāṇīnāthe kailā ‘nirviṣaya’
sei kṛpā mote nāhi, yāte aiche haya!


rāma-rāye — Rāmānanda Rāya; vāṇīnāthe — Vāṇīnātha; kailā — You have made; nirviṣaya — free from all material attachment; sei kṛpā — that mercy; mote nāhi — I have not received; yāte — by which; aiche — such; haya — is.


“Your real mercy has been granted to Rāmānanda Rāya and Vāṇīnātha Rāya, for You have detached them from all material opulence. I think that I have not been favored by such mercy.