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CC Antya 8.32


mahad-anugraha-nigrahera ‘sākṣī’ dui-jane
ei dui-dvāre śikhāilā jaga-jane


mahat — of an exalted personality; anugraha — of the blessing; nigrahera — of chastisement; sākṣī — giving evidence; dui-jane — two persons; ei dui-dvāre — by these two; śikhāilā — instructed; jaga-jane — the people of the world.


Īśvara Purī received the blessing of Mādhavendra Purī, whereas Rāmacandra Purī received a rebuke from him. Therefore these two persons, Īśvara Purī and Rāmacandra Purī, are examples of the objects of a great personality’s benediction and punishment. Mādhavendra Purī instructed the entire world by presenting these two examples.