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CC Antya 6.270


dui nimantraṇe lāge kauḍi aṣṭa-paṇa
brāhmaṇa-bhṛtya-ṭhāñi karena eteka grahaṇa


dui nimantraṇe — these two invitations; lāge — cost; kauḍi aṣṭa-paṇa — 640 kauḍis; brāhmaṇa-bhṛtya-ṭhāñi — from the brāhmaṇa and the servant; karena — does; eteka — so much; grahaṇa — accepting.


The cost for these two occasions was 640 kauḍis. Therefore he would take that much from the servant and the brāhmaṇa.