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CC Antya 6.185


chatrabhoga pāra hañā chāḍiyā sarāṇa
kugrāma diyā diyā karila prayāṇa


chatra-bhoga — the place named Chatrabhoga; pāra hañā — crossing; chāḍiyā — giving up; sarāṇa — the royal road; kugrāma diyā diyā — going through village pathways; karila prayāṇa — proceeded.


He crossed Chatrabhoga, but instead of going on the general path, he proceeded on the path that went from village to village.


Chatrabhoga, known now as Chāḍa-khāḍi, is in the district of Twenty-four Parganas in West Bengal. It is situated near the celebrated village Jayanagara-majilapura. Formerly the Ganges or some of its branches flowed through this region. Sometimes Chatrabhoga is misunderstood to have been a village on the river Kāṅsāi-nadī in Benāpola.