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CC Antya 4.20


“more nā chuṅiha, prabhu, paḍoṅ tomāra pāya
eke nīca-jāti adhama, āra kaṇḍu-rasā gāya”


more — me; chuṅiha — please do not touch; prabhu — my Lord; paḍoṅ — I fall down; tomāra pāya — at Your feet; eke — on one side; nīca-jāti — of a low caste; adhama — the lowest of mankind; āra — and; kaṇḍu-rasā — a disease of wet, itching infections; gāya — on the body.


“My Lord, please do not touch me. I fall at Your lotus feet. I am the lowest of men, having been born of a low caste. Besides that, I have infections on my body.”