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CC Antya 1.2


durgame pathi me ’ndhasya
skhalat-pāda-gater muhuḥ
santaḥ santv avalambanam


durgame — very difficult; pathi — on the path; me — of me; andhasya — one who is blind; skhalat — slipping; pāda — on feet; gateḥ — whose manner of moving; muhuḥ — again and again; sva-kṛpā — of their own mercy; yaṣṭi — the stick; dānena — by giving; santaḥ — those saintly persons; santu — let that become; avalambanam — my support.


My path is very difficult. I am blind, and my feet are slipping again and again. Therefore, may the saints help me by granting me the stick of their mercy as my support.