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CC Ādi 7.26


সজ্জন, দুর্জন, পঙ্গু, জড়, অন্ধগণ ।
প্রেমবন্যায় ডুবাইল জগতের জন ॥ ২৬ ॥


saj-jana, durjana, paṅgu, jaḍa, andha-gaṇa
prema-vanyāya ḍubāila jagatera jana


sat-jana — gentle men; durjana — rogues; paṅgu — lame; jaḍa — invalid; andha-gaṇa — blind men; prema-vanyāya — in the inundation of love of Godhead; ḍubāila — drowned; jagatera — all over the world; jana — people.


The Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement will inundate the entire world and drown everyone, whether one be a gentleman, a rogue or even lame, invalid or blind.


Here again it may be emphasized that although jealous rascals protest that Europeans and Americans cannot be given the sacred thread or sannyāsa, there is no need even to consider whether one is a gentleman or a rogue because this is a spiritual movement which is not concerned with the external body of skin and bones. Because it is being properly conducted under the guidance of the Pañca-tattva, strictly following the regulative principles, it has nothing to do with external impediments.