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CC Ādi 5.217


মো–অধমে দিল শ্রীগোবিন্দ দরশন ।
কহিবার কথা নহে অকথ্য–কথন ॥ ২১৭ ॥


mo-adhame dila śrī-govinda daraśana
kahibāra kathā nahe akathya-kathana


mo-adhame — to one as abominable as me; dila — delivered; śrī-govinda daraśana — the audience of Lord Śrī Govinda; kahibāra — to speak this; kathā — words; nahe — there are not; akathya — unspeakable; kathana — narration.


He granted to one as low as me the sight of Lord Govinda. Words cannot describe this, nor is it fit to be disclosed.