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CC Ādi 5.151


নিষেধ করিতে নারে, যাতে ছোট ভাই ।
মৌন ধরি’ রহে লক্ষ্মণ মনে দুঃখ পাই’ ॥ ১৫১ ॥


niṣedha karite nāre, yāte choṭa bhāi
mauna dhari’ rahe lakṣmaṇa mane duḥkha pāi’


niṣedha karite nāre — unable to prohibit Lord Rāmacandra; yāte — because; choṭa bhāi — younger brother; mauna dhari’ — becoming silent; rahe — remains; lakṣmaṇa — Lakṣmaṇa; mane — in the mind; duḥkha — unhappiness; pāi’ — getting.


As a younger brother He could not stop Lord Rāma from His resolution, and so He remained silent, although unhappy in His mind.