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CC Ādi 5.128


অবতার–অবতারী—অভেদ, যে জানে ।
পূর্বে যৈছে কৃষ্ণেকে কেহো কাহো করি’ মানে ॥ ১২৮ ॥


avatāra-avatārī — abheda, ye jāne
pūrve yaiche kṛṣṇake keho kāho kari’ māne


avatāra-avatārī — an incarnation and the source of all incarnations; abheda — identical; ye jāne — anyone who knows; pūrve — formerly; yaiche — just as; kṛṣṇake — unto Lord Kṛṣṇa; keho — somebody; kāho — somewhere; kari’ — making; māne — accepts.


They know that there is no difference between the incarnation and the source of all incarnations. Previously Lord Kṛṣṇa was regarded in the light of different principles by different people.