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CC Ādi 16.61


‘avimṛṣṭa-vidheyāṁśa’ — ei doṣera nāma
āra eka doṣa āche, śuna sāvadhāna


avimṛṣṭa-vidheyāṁśaavimṛṣṭa-vidheyāṁśa; ei — this; doṣera — of the fault; nāma — the name; āra — another; eka — one; doṣa — fault; āche — there is; śuna — hear; sāvadhāna — carefully.


“Not only is there the fault avimṛṣṭa-vidheyāṁśa, but there is also another fault, which I shall point out to you. Kindly hear Me with great attention.