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Text Three

3. 天なる雷光に引かれ強風に乗り、雲はゆっくりと地上を覆い、人々の飢えを満たす。零は人々に命の課である南を授け、潤す。あたかも生きとし生ける者を憂しくはぐくむ主のごとく。

3. Attracted by electricity throughout the sky and driven by forceful winds, clouds gradually cover the surface of the earth to satisfy the needy people by supplying water, which is the substance of their life. The clouds bestow rains upon man as the mercy of the Lord, who is always kind to the needy living being.


We should always know that God is ever kind to us. Despite our gross disobedience to the laws of God's nature, the Lord is kind enough to look after our maintenance. Water is one of the most important items for our maintenance, because without water we can neither produce food grains nor quench our thirst. Water is also required very liberally for many other purposes. Thus the Lord has preserved water on three fourths of the globe and has made it salty to preserve it. Salty water does not decompose, and that is the arrangement of providence. The Lord has engaged the powerful sun to evaporate the water of planets like earth and distill it into clear water in the clouds and then stock it on the peaks of mountains, as we stock water in overhead tanks for later distribution. part of the stock of water is refrigerated into ice, so that it will not flood the earth for no good purpose. The ice melts gradually throughout the year, flows down through the great rivers, and glides down to the sea again for preservation.

ですから神の大自然の法則は、知識の劣る人が結論を下すように、めくらめっぽうだとか、偶然だとかいうわけではありません。国の法律の背後に、必ず立法者がいるように、自然の法則の裏にもやはり神の存在があるのです。法律の背後の立法者の存在に、気づこうが気づくまいが、彼の存在を認めなければならないのです。物質は生きている手を借りずに、決してひとりでに動きません。ですから、大自然の法則の背後に、最も崇商な生物である神がいることを、認めざるを得ないのです。主は『バガヴァッド・ギーター』の中で、主の超越的な監督のもとで自然は動いている、と言っておられます。自然は力だけにすぎず、力の背後には、その源の頭脳があります。ちょうど電力の陰に.常駐の技師によって完壁に管理されている、発電所があるのと同じなのです。最高の力を持つ神の、超越的な監督のおかげで、物質自然は盲目的にではなく、大変にうまく働きます。ヴェーダ聖歌(Atharva Veda:アタルヴアヴェーダ)においても、それは確証されています。大自然の法則が維持されるのは、神の超越的な監督のもとだからなのです。

Therefore the laws of God's nature are neither blind nor accidental, as men with a poor fund of knowledge conclude. Behind the laws of nature is the living brain of God, just as there is always a lawmaker behind all the laws of the state. It does not matter whether or not we see the lawmaker behind the common laws; we must admit that there is a lawmaker. Matter can never work automatically, without a living hand, and therefore we must admit the existence of God, the supreme living being, behind the laws of nature. The Lord says in Bhagavad-gītā that nature works under His superintendence. Nature is only a power, and behind the power is a powerhouse and a brain, just as behind electrical power there is an electrical powerhouse, where everything is conducted by the brain of the resident engineer. The material nature works so nicely, and not blindly, because of the superintendence of the supreme powerful God. In the Vedic hymns (Atharva Veda) the same thing is confirmed. It is only under the superintendence of God that all the natural laws are conducted.


mayādhyakṣeṇa prakṛtiḥ sūyate sa-carācaram hetunānena kaunteya jagad viparivartate(Bg.9.10)
daivī hy eṣā guṇa-mayī mama māyā duratyayā mām eva ye prapadyante māyām etāṁ taranti te(Bg7.14)

The Lord distributes His mercy in the form of rains on the scorched earth at times of dire necessity. He supplies rain when we are practically on the verge of death for want of water. God is merciful undoubtedly, but He bestows His mercy on us when we need it most. This is so because we forget God as soon as we obtain this mercy. We should therefore remember the mercy of God constantly if we want to avoid distress. We are eternally related with Him, despite the state of forgetfulness already described above. Bhagavad-gītā confirms that the laws of nature are stringent because they are conducted by three different modes. But one who surrenders unto the Lord overcomes the stringency of nature easily.