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Word for Word Index

great mountain — ŚB 5.20.40
by her own choice — ŚB 10.52.16-17
during her ceremony to choose a husband — ŚB 10.58.57
in (your) svayaṁvara ceremony — ŚB 10.83.19
during my svayaṁvara (the ceremony in which a princess chooses a husband from a number of eligible suitors) — ŚB 10.83.12
keeping oneself in the best of holy places by hearing the transcendental activities of the Lord — ŚB 9.24.62
best — ŚB 10.70.42
by benediction — CC Ādi 16.44
by the benediction — CC Ādi 16.44
better. — CC Madhya 22.131
vāre vāre
again and again. — CC Ādi 7.93