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of the desire tree of devotional service — CC Ādi 17.322
nāraṅga-cholaṅga-āmra-vṛkṣera ākāra
sweetmeats in the shape of varieties of orange, lemon and mango trees — CC Madhya 14.32
ei vṛkṣera
of this tree — CC Ādi 10.3
eka eka vṛkṣera
of one tree after another — CC Madhya 19.127
sei kalpa-vṛkṣera
of the lotus feet of Kṛṣṇa, which are compared to a desire tree — CC Madhya 19.163
of the tree known as Śrī Nityānanda — CC Ādi 11.5
vṛkṣera varṇana
the description of the Caitanya tree. — CC Ādi 9.20
of the tree of ācāryasCC Ādi 10.106
of the tree — CC Ādi 9.21, CC Ādi 10.84, CC Ādi 12.4
of the Caitanya tree — CC Ādi 9.33
on the tree — CC Ādi 9.38

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