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jīva-sāmyam gataḥ
when he understands that the position is the same for everyone — ŚB 10.10.14
personal equality — ŚB 4.30.9
to a body exactly resembling that of Nārāyaṇa — ŚB 10.12.38
indiscrimination between friend and foe — ŚB 1.16.26-30
to equilibrium — ŚB 11.9.17-18
material equilibrium — ŚB 11.16.10
the original equilibrium — ŚB 11.22.12
and the original, undifferentiated state of nature. — ŚB 11.28.24
a position on the same level with Him (that is, a position in the eternal, spiritual world) — ŚB 11.5.48
an equal status with Him — ŚB 11.30.3