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Word for Word Index

nāhi adhikāra
there is no right — CC Antya 4.126
nāhi adhyayana
without education — CC Antya 16.75
anta nāhi pā’na
does not reach the end. — CC Ādi 5.121
nāhi pāya anta
cannot understand the limit. — CC Antya 1.116
nāhi jāne anya
do not know anything else. — CC Ādi 5.229
aparādha’ nāhi
do not commit offenses — CC Madhya 15.285
bhakṣaṇa apekṣā nāhi
did not care for eating — CC Antya 6.186
avasara nāhi haya
there was little time — CC Madhya 15.80
nāhi avasara
there is no interval — CC Antya 4.127
bhakta nāhi
there is no devotee — CC Antya 7.45
bhaya nāhi kare
they were not at all afraid — CC Madhya 17.198
without fear. — CC Antya 8.20
bhaya nāhi māne
he was not afraid. — CC Antya 9.25
nāhi rāja-bhaya
without fear of the King — CC Antya 9.32
nāhi bhaya
there is no fear — CC Antya 19.51
bheda nāhi
there is no difference — CC Madhya 17.131
nāhi bheda
there is no difference — CC Madhya 17.132
vairāgyera nāhi bhāsa
there is no trace of renunciation. — CC Antya 8.16
kichu nāhi bhāsa
there is no advancement. — CC Antya 8.75
nāhi bhāse
does not manifest — CC Madhya 24.9
nāhi bhāya
is not very pleasing — CC Madhya 16.6
do not appeal. — CC Madhya 23.24
he does not take as valuable — CC Antya 6.135
does not appear valuable. — CC Antya 6.136
buddhi-praveśa nāhi
my intelligence cannot penetrate — CC Antya 20.77
loke nāhi bujhe
people in general cannot understand — CC Antya 2.170
nāhi bādhe
did not become an impediment — CC Antya 6.186
bāhya-jñāna nāhi
without external consciousness — CC Madhya 11.57
cale hāle nāhi
they did not tilt or totter — CC Madhya 3.51
nāhi cale
does not move — CC Madhya 14.53
nāhi chāḍe
do not give up — CC Madhya 17.196
does not give up — CC Antya 6.253
they do not give up — CC Antya 17.18
āmi kichu nāhi cāhi
I don’t want any — CC Madhya 24.246
nāhi cāya
do not look — CC Antya 9.26
does not want — CC Antya 19.44
nāhi kare daṇḍa
does not punish — CC Antya 9.91
nāhi deha’
you do not offer — CC Antya 6.320
nāhi dekhi
I have never seen — CC Madhya 11.96
we do not see — CC Antya 14.81