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nāḍu bāndhiyāche
rendered into lāḍḍusCC Antya 10.22
nāḍu gaṅgā-jala
a sweetmeat ball as white as Ganges water — CC Antya 10.25
nāḍu kaila
made round sweetmeat balls. — CC Antya 10.32
nāḍu kailā
made into round balls — CC Antya 10.28
śuṇṭhi-khaṇḍa nāḍu
sweetmeat balls made with dried ginger — CC Antya 10.23
nārikela-khaṇḍa nāḍu
sweetmeat balls made with coconut powder — CC Antya 10.25
round sweetmeats — CC Antya 10.29-30
sweetballs — CC Antya 10.109

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