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Word for Word Index

describing the glories of the Lord. — ŚB 4.31.25
chanting of the holy name of the Supreme Personality of Godhead — ŚB 6.1.30
chanting. — ŚB 2.1.11
glorification — ŚB 2.4.15
chanting — ŚB 7.5.23-24, ŚB 7.11.8-12, ŚB 10.38.4, ŚB 11.3.27-28
vibrating transcendental sounds pertaining to the holy name, form, qualities and entourage, and inquiring about them (these also should be only in relationship to Viṣṇu) — CC Madhya 9.259-260
glorifying — CC Madhya 20.61