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doṅhāra bhajana
engages in devotional service of both (Kṛṣṇa and his spiritual master or the sādhu). — CC Madhya 24.175
doṅhāra darśane
in seeing one another — CC Madhya 3.141
of the two — CC Ādi 1.85-86, CC Madhya 4.211
of both — CC Ādi 1.101, CC Ādi 4.257, CC Madhya 10.180, CC Madhya 24.330
of the parents, Śacīmātā and Jagannātha Miśra — CC Ādi 14.8
of both of them — CC Madhya 6.228, CC Madhya 8.23, CC Madhya 8.53, CC Madhya 9.175, CC Madhya 14.82, CC Madhya 21.118, CC Madhya 24.275
of both of us — CC Madhya 10.169
tāṅ doṅhāra
of these two persons — CC Madhya 14.83
doṅhāra dāsera dāsa
I am a servant of the servant of the servants of these two personalities — CC Antya 19.109

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