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Word for Word Index

who is worshiped by the most qualified brāhmaṇasŚB 5.19.3
unto the Lord of the transcendentalists — ŚB 8.17.25
unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who accepts the brāhmaṇas as His worshipable deity — ŚB 9.11.7
to the Lord worshipable by persons in brahminical culture — CC Madhya 13.77
unto the master of Pitṛloka — ŚB 4.24.41
unto the demigod — ŚB 3.14.35
unto the Supreme Lord — ŚB 4.20.38
to the Supreme Personality of Godhead — ŚB 12.13.1
who are the original Personality of Godhead — ŚB 8.16.34