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brahmāṇḍera bhartā
maintainer of the universe. — CC Ādi 6.21
koṭi-brahmāṇḍera kartā
the creator of millions and millions of universes — CC Ādi 6.21
of universes — CC Ādi 5.70
of the universes — CC Madhya 21.22, CC Madhya 21.58
of all the universes — CC Madhya 21.93-94
brahmāṇḍera gaṇa
all the groups of universes — CC Madhya 20.259
all the universes — CC Madhya 20.277
all the innumerable groups of universes. — CC Madhya 21.86
brahmāṇḍera īśvara
the master of the universe — CC Madhya 20.293

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