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Word for Word Index

bhaṭṭācārya brāhmaṇe
the brāhmaṇa known as Balabhadra Bhaṭṭācārya — CC Madhya 25.224
in the brāhmaṇaBg. 5.18, ŚB 11.29.13-14
unto a brāhmaṇaŚB 5.26.16, CC Antya 4.177
in the brāhmaṇasCC Ādi 17.163
from the brāhmaṇa priest — CC Madhya 4.113
brāhmaṇa — CC Madhya 17.164, CC Madhya 17.192
to the brāhmaṇas, the most intelligent men in spiritual understanding — CC Madhya 24.259
to the brāhmaṇasCC Antya 3.136
to Gopāla Cakravartī — CC Antya 3.208
sakala brāhmaṇe
to all the brāhmaṇasCC Madhya 4.83
all the brāhmaṇas who were present there — CC Madhya 4.87
sei brāhmaṇe
the Sanoḍiyā brāhmaṇaCC Madhya 18.139
dui brāhmaṇe
two brāhmaṇasCC Madhya 19.4
cows and brahminical culture — CC Antya 3.50