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Word for Word Index

O origin of everything — Bg. 10.15
the generator of all living beings — ŚB 2.5.1
O protector of the living entities — ŚB 4.18.9-10
O cause of all living entities — ŚB 7.10.26
O the cause of the happiness and flourishing of all of them — ŚB 8.7.21
O Supreme Being, well-wisher of everyone, who can cause one to flourish — ŚB 8.22.21
O maintainer of all living beings — ŚB 11.16.4
the creator of the universe — ŚB 1.11.7
O well-wisher of the whole universe. — ŚB 9.4.61
O protector of the universe — ŚB 10.49.11
one who is understood by performances of sacrifice — ŚB 3.13.34
the thinking. — CC Madhya 1.77
consideration. — CC Madhya 19.235
the emotion of a kṣatriyaCC Madhya 20.187
kariyā bhāvana
thinking of — CC Madhya 22.156-157