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Word for Word Index

things obtained after a sacrifice is offered to the Lord or after the recommended pañca-sūnā yajña is performed — ŚB 7.14.14
remaining — ŚB 10.21.9, ŚB 10.50.30, CC Antya 16.140
remained undescribed — CC Ādi 10.47
what remains — CC Madhya 25.112
of remnants of food — CC Antya 6.122
remnants of food — CC Madhya 18.89
the plate of remnants — CC Antya 13.108
avaśiṣṭa pātra
a plate of remnants of food — CC Antya 6.212
kichu avaśiṣṭa nāi
there were no remnants left. — CC Antya 2.62