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abhidheya nāma
the process called abhidheya, or devotional activities — CC Ādi 7.142
functional duties — CC Ādi 7.146
transcendental activities — CC Madhya 6.178
the regulated activities of the conditioned soul for reviving that relationship — CC Madhya 20.124
activities to revive one’s relationship — CC Madhya 20.125
abhidheya — CC Madhya 20.139
execution — CC Madhya 20.143
the real activity of life — CC Madhya 22.5
the means of obtaining the desired object — CC Madhya 22.167
necessary duty — CC Madhya 22.168
activities in that relationship — CC Madhya 25.102
the means to obtain an end — CC Madhya 25.120
the function — CC Madhya 25.135
description of the means (devotional service) in detail. — CC Madhya 22.166
one’s prime business (devotional service) — CC Madhya 22.4
the chief function of the living entity — CC Madhya 22.17
is called activities in that relationship. — CC Madhya 25.103
first one’s relationship, then activities in devotional service, and then achieving the highest goal of life, love of Godhead. — CC Madhya 25.131

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