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Word for Word Index

ācamana diyā
when offering ācamana (water for washing the feet and mouth) — CC Madhya 4.65
ācamana kaile
when he had washed his hands and mouth — CC Antya 8.14
kailā ācamana
washed their mouths and hands. — CC Antya 6.119
washed Their hands and mouths — CC Antya 6.120
performed washing of the hands and mouth — CC Antya 12.140
ācamana kailā
washing His hands and mouth — CC Antya 6.94
kari’ ācamana
after washing His hands and mouth. — CC Antya 12.52
karāila ācamana
washed Their hands and mouth — CC Madhya 3.102
ācamana karāilā
made them wash their hands, feet and mouths. — CC Madhya 6.46
ācamana karāñā
providing water for Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu to wash His mouth, hands and legs — CC Madhya 15.254
practice of cleanliness, washing of the mouth, legs and hands, etc. — ŚB 5.9.4
washing water — CC Madhya 4.80
washing the mouth — CC Madhya 11.210, CC Madhya 14.43, CC Madhya 15.8
washing the mouth and other parts of the body. — CC Madhya 24.331
washing of the mouth and hands — CC Antya 11.89