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Letter to: Jayapataka
Maidan Pandal from 7th October to November 5th tentatively. But these things must be consulted
Letter to: Brahmananda
, camping and tents, for the devotees and guests, and in this way very quickly Lord Caitanya's
Letter to: Deoji Punja
the test for a sincere devotee. Simply by depending on the mercy of the Lord and carrying out the
Letter to: Paramahamsa
the contents. It is a good idea to send the fiberglass shells to India for fitting and testing. You
Letter to: Mahamsa
Letter to: Kirtiraja
scholars are appreciating them by writing reviews and introducing them as standard text books in
Letter to: Radhavallabha
on Bibles and Shakespearean texts. Whether people will now confuse our books with these others? Our get
Letter to: Giriraja
Letter to: Dr. Ghosh
and, tentatively, I accept it. Most probably, we shall go to Allahabad from Vrndavana by the 28th
Letter to: Mr. Vincent Karl
Regarding your question, you may refer to Ādi-lila, Chapter 6, Text 79 along with the purport
Letter to: Radhavallabha
conclusion of the book, yes, it says in the text that the most fortunate devotees execute devotional