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The science of self-realization 1
knowledge is perfect. Transcendental knowledge is similar. I was just previously speaking of a spiritual
The science of self-realization 2
is in accordance with the scriptures and the previous ācāryas. He will not give you a mantra and tell
The science of self-realization 2
Reporter: Have you ever had people come to you who had previously been involved with a fake guru?
The science of self-realization 2
Reporter: Is it possible for everyone to attain the perfectional stage you spoke of previously?
The science of self-realization 2
the trail which your previous ācārya has passed”), but we have hardly tried to understand the real
Letter to: VARIOUS — Unknown Place, Unknown Date
one report that you were previously smoking ganja at..... You are one of the important leaders, so
Letter to: Hrdayananda
because nobody was able to defeat Radha Damodara TSKP previously. Radha-Damodara is Himself pleased upon
Letter to: Rupanuga
It is good news that our important center in Philadelphia may be situated in more prestigious
Letter to: S.B. Chavan
take some active part in this movement and thus magnify the prestigious position of India.
Letter to: Ramesvara
been done in the previous years. You may also hold Rathayatra as described above in Los Angeles. In
Letter to: Giriraja
words, ". . . and has shown specifically the nature of the error committed by the previous
Letter to: Ramesvara
I think this matter is serious. Previously I sent one newsletter asking that this boy be returned