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Letter to: Pranava
dropped. On the previous reports submitted I have already dropped the matter. Also, as we have to
Letter to: Sri Srinivasan
household duties are more or less finished I think this is your best alternative. All great previous
Letter to: Durgesh
my previous letter I had said that you could go to school during the week and live in the temple on
Letter to: Sukadeva
says that he is superior then actually he is not superior. You mentioned in your previous letter
Letter to: S. K. Roy
changing it, altering it or adding any mundane opinion. We simply repeat what previous acarya have
Letter to: Sri Mohan Mazumdar
but you have to arrange all these things. I have previously instructed you to contact some film
Letter to: Radhavallabha
, must have a full index. It is not a very prestigious presentation without the index. All volumes in
Letter to: Bhagavan
shall try to rectify the mistakes and as previously arranged, the GBC's should act as my secretary
Letter to: Jadurani
use the painting you had suggested previously. Both can be used. 4. Yes, it is understood that your
Letter to: Gaura Gopala (Govinda?)
actually done alone, that is the experience we get from the previous acaryas. Caitanya Mahaprabhu was
Letter to: Gaura Govinda
successful when our leaders took them as fact. Mahatma Gandhi wanted to refute this white prestigious
Letter to: Ramesvara
to them. I think this matter is serious. Previously I sent one newsletter asking that this boy