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Letter to: Gopijanavallabha
done because hari nama is going on, but if it is done for the general satisfaction, it will be better
Letter to: Uttamasloka
recommended. Their names are as follows: Earl—Harideva dasa, Geoff Meek—Govinda bhakta dasa, Lucien
Letter to: Rupanuga
the 2nd page) for giving us facility to expand our preaching work even more. Regarding Harikesa, I
Letter to: Hari Krsna
75-02-02 Amsterdam My Dear Hari Krishna Das, Please accept my blessings, I am in due reciept of
Letter to: Gurukrpa
woman in the dead of night with all attractive features could not affect even sligtly Haridasa Thakura
Letter to: Tejiyas
74-10-11 New Delhi My Dear Tejiyas das: Please accept my blessings. One letter from Harikesa has meets you in good health. Your ever well wisher,A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami cc: Harikesa, VrindabanACBS
Letter to: Madhava Maharaja
install the deity properly according to the Hari-bhakti-Vilasa regulations. His Excellency, the
Letter to: Sridhara Maharaja
that time to install the deity properly according to the Hari-bhakti-Vilasa regulations. His
Letter to: Giriraja
been sent to them. Also a copy of my letter to Smt. Morarji has been sent to you by Harikesa Swami . Please acknowledge receipt. Harikesa is not working as my secretary now; he has been sent for
Letter to: Gurudasa
your letter dated 1st inst. and have noted the contents. Harikesa has gone there to Poland to preach
Letter to: Jayatirtha
76-09-24 Bhaktivedanta Manor My dear Jayatirtha, Please accept my blessings. Harikesa was doing
Letter to: Prabhanu
letter to Harikesa Swami dated 15th inst., Sriman Srineketan das Brahmacari may take second