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Lecture at Śrī Kṛṣṇa-niketana
Prakṛti... You are walking, you are walking, and immediately you become paralyzed. But while walking you think, "I am walking. I am walking." You are not walking. You are walking under some mechanical arrangement with the help of the material nature, but you are thinking, "I am walking." In every step, in every action, you are completely dependent. Don't you think that "I am walking"? Now when there is some trouble or if the hands or leg become paralyzed, now if you are walking, then you repair it.
Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 6.2.45 Māgha-melā
Just like a child: A child walks. So long the child does not walk freely, the mother, father takes the hand, "Please walk like this, walk like this." But when the child walks spontaneously, there is no need of assistance by the parents.
Room Conversation
Prabhupāda: Walking should be stopped at least for some time. And if I walk, I may walk on the roof.
Morning Walk
Devotee (1): They can only walk to the nightclubs. Night walk. Some go to walk their dogs.
Morning Walk Conversation About Bombay
] Let them come, walking. You come walking? Live here? No? Cannot walk? He can walk. Leave him here.
Morning Walk
Prabhupāda: Huh? You are walking, I am walking.
Parikramā on the Way to Gokula
Śyāmasundara: One-mile walk? Oh, one-minute walk.
Morning Walk
Devotee (1): We could walk for some time, walk along the beach.
Morning Walk
Prabhupāda: [sound of walking on pebbles] [indistinct], it is difficult to walk, eh?
Morning Walk
Prabhupāda: Well, "no more activities," that's all right, but He is active. Suppose I am walking. I may not walk half an hour. That means I have got the capacity of walking. That you cannot say , that my walk... Because I have now stopped walking, you cannot say that I cannot walk. Is another nonsense. How you can say "dormant"? He is active.
Śrīla prabhupāda-līlāmṛta 1.26
He walked for an hour, until his two young servants were both tired. “Do I tire you walking?” he laughed. “This walking and massaging are saving my life from day to day.” Then he continued walking.
The Nectar of Devotion
. This practice is not for developing something artificial. For example, a child learns or practices to walk . This walking is not unnatural. The walking capacity is there originally in the child, and simply by a little practice he walks very nicely. Similarly..."