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ŚB 8.17.17


अथाप्युपायो मम देवि चिन्त्य:
सन्तोषितस्य व्रतचर्यया ते ।
ममार्चनं नार्हति गन्तुमन्यथा
श्रद्धानुरूपं फलहेतुकत्वात् ॥ १७ ॥


athāpy upāyo mama devi cintyaḥ
santoṣitasya vrata-caryayā te
mamārcanaṁ nārhati gantum anyathā
śraddhānurūpaṁ phala-hetukatvāt


atha — therefore; api — in spite of this situation; upāyaḥ — some means; mama — by Me; devi — O goddess; cintyaḥ — must be considered; santoṣitasya — very pleased; vrata-caryayā — observing the vow; te — by you; mama arcanam — worshiping Me; na — never; arhati — deserves; gantum anyathā — to become otherwise; śraddhā-anurūpam — according to one’s faith and devotion; phala — of the result; hetukatvāt — from being the cause.


Yet because I have been satisfied by the activities of your vow, O goddess Aditi, I must find some means to favor you, for worship of Me never goes in vain but certainly gives the desired result according to what one deserves.